American Holsteiner Horse Association & The German Holsteiner Verband

Foal Report & Foal/Yearling Registration Application

Live Foal/No Live Foal Report

Due to the recent merger of the AHHA with the Holsteiner Verband in Germany, the AHHA will be assisting the Verband with registrations of foals using these online and printable forms throughout 2018.

Completion of this portion of this form is critical to provide accurate breeding and conception statistics. Please be sure to indicate the results of the breeding, even if the mare did not conceive or produce a foal. Click submit to complete.

If a foal was produced and you are seeking registration, please complete this section and select "Live Foal Produced" to see the expanded online form.

Fees - What to Expect on Your invoice

Weanling Foal Registration or Certificate of Pedigree - $210.00
Mare Dues - $40.00 if paid in the year of breeding, $50.00 if paid in year of foaling
Mare DNA Kit - $65.00 if foal's dam is not already DNA tested
Membership - $85.00 (non-members pay double registration fees)

Join or Renew Membership - $85.00

If you are not a current member, it is worth your while to join, as non-members pay double the registration fees. If you are not a current member, you may join or renew using this form and we will send you an invoice. Memberships run through December 31.

Please note that if your foal's dam is not AHHA registered or is a non-Holsteiner mare that is seeking breeding approval within the AHHA studbooks, the AHHA office will need a copy of your mare's papers in order to process the registration paperwork.

Foal Information

Naming your Foal

Please select up to three names, in order of preference. The office will make every effort to give you your first choice.

Naming Rules: Name length is restricted to 18 characters, including spaces. The use of ordinals with colts is restricted to full siblings. Ordinals may be used for females. Male foal names must begin with the first letter of their sire's name. Female foals born in 2016 must have names beginning with either "I" or "J". In 2017, fillies must have names starting with "K".

No horse may be registered with a name that is a duplicate of a horse, alive or dead, which has already been recorded in the Registry books of the AHHA within the last 20 years. Duplicating famous German Holsteiner names is discouraged.

Select USEF Lifetime Recording Name

As part of your registration fee, your foal will automatically receive a USEF lifetime recording number. The AHHA will submit your foal's recording on your behalf.


Microchipping for sport participation will soon becoming mandatory for all horses, as announced recently by the United States Equestrian Federation.

While microchipping your horse is not required by the AHHA at this time, the registry is offering the owner the opportunity for placing your horse's microchip data on its papers and recorded as a part of its permanent file. Additionally, the AHHA will transmit your horse's microchip data to the USEF as part of your Lifetime recording.

Note that the purchase of microchips for any of your AHHA-registered horses may be done through the AHHA at a discounted rate due to a special contract with a reputable supplier. Please visit our Forms page for information.

If you have had your foal chipped by your vet, please include the microchip number in the field provided and submit the appropriate certification.

Owner Information

The owner is considered to be the person holding title to the horse being registered at the time of registration. If there is more than one owner and more than one residence of ownership, please make note of it in the comments section below.

Breeder Information

The breeder of the foal is considered to be the owner or leaseholder of the dam at the time of breeding.


You will need to submit digital photos via separate email. In the subject line of your email, please type "Registration Photos for 20__ [colt/filly] by [Stallion] out of [Mare]" to ensure the photos are acurately identified.

An important part of registering your foal is the submission of photos showing clearly all body and face markings. This exercise serves to provide accurate identification of your horse.

At minimum, the AHHA requires four photos from each side of the horse (Left, right, front, and rear) with all 4 legs visible in all 4 photos. It also recommended that additional photos of your horse's face are provided showing specific facial markings, as well as markings under the lip or throat or under the belly.

Please ensure that your foal's legs are clean and that the foal is standing on clean, level ground on a surface that does not obscure the legs. Pictures take from too far away do not show markings clearly. Take photos in good lighting in a way that no shadows obscure the foals legs. Taking photos in a stall or barn aisle does not always offer good lighting.

You may either attach digital images in .jpg format by attaching them below, or you can submit photographs via mail service. Recall that your application will not be processed until all photographs, payment, and required items are in.

Alternative text

Written Description of Markings

Accurate written descriptions of all markings are very important. They are used, along with submitted photos, to prepare the description of your horse on its papers. Cowlicks are considered identity markings and must be described as to location.

Referring to the diagram below, describe all markings in the appropriate field.

Alternative text

Head & Face

Legs & Body

Head & Neck Cowlicks

Once this form is received in the office, you will receive an email requesting payment for the registration of this foal. A DNA kit will then be mailed to you.

Please pay the invoice promptly to ensure that the office can process and complete your registration in a timely fashion.

A note about sending your foal's papers: the AHHA uses US Mail to send out foal papers. If you would like your papers to be mailed certified, please indicate below. For this, a charge of $8.50 will be added to your invoice. Note that international deliveries will incur additional fees.

Sign and Submit Form

I hereby attest that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.