American Holsteiner Horse Association

2018 AHHA Awards Program Activation

The AHHA provides annual awards for Sporthorse Breeding, Hunter Breeding, Dressage, Driving, Eventing, Hunter and Jumper disciplines in over 40 divisions. See the complete list of divisions for the current year listed below.

ELIGIBILITY & RULES: Horses holding AHHA regsitration papers, Holsteiner Verband (HV) papers, or AHHA Certificates of Pedigree are eligible for the program. Horses with HV papers must first dual register with the AHHA. Owners of horses enrolled in the program must be AHHA life, regular, junior or associate members duing the year of participation. Riders and handlers do not need to join. Horses must be enrolled annually. Owners must provide all federation recording numbers as well as their horse's show name on the enrollment form.

STANDINGS: To determine standings, the AHHA utilizes USEF, USDF, and USEA competition records and rankings, based on the rules of the respective organizations. Participants are encouranged to learn the rules respective to their discipline (dressage, eventing, etc.) as regards awards year end awards determinations, as the AHHA follows these criteria.

To enter simply fill out and submit this form with payment and we will handle the rest!

If you are activating more than one horse, please use additional submission forms.


SPORTHORSE BREEDING: Weanling Colts and Fillies; Yearling Colts/Fillies/Geldings; Two Year Old Colts/Fillies/Geldings; Three Year Old Colts/Fillies/Geldings; Four Years and Up Mares; Four Years and Up Broodmares; Four Years and Up Stallions.

HUNTER BREEDING: Weanling Colts and Fillies; Yearling Colts/ Fillies/Geldings; Two Year Old Colts/Fillies/Geldings; Three Year Old Colts/Fillies/Geldings;

DRESSAGE (includes CEF equivalents): OPEN, ADULT AMATEUR, VINTAGE, JR/YOUNG RIDER: Training through Grand Prix; FEI Young Horse; Materiale.

EVENTING: Beginner Novice; Novice; Training; Preliminary (CIC*/CCI*); Intermediate (CIC**/CCI**); Advanced (CIC***/CCI*** or ****).

HUNTERS (includes CEF equivalents): Young Hunter 3', 3'3", & 3'6"; Green Hunters 3'-3'3" combined, Green Hunters 3'6"-3'9" combined; Green Conformation; Performance Hunter 3'6"; Performance Hunter 3'3"; High Performance; High Performance Conformation; AO Hunter, all ages and heights combined; Junior Hunter, all ages and heights combined; Childrens Hunter, all ages and heights combined.

JUMPERS (includes CEF equivalents): Level 3 Jumpers; Level 4; Jumpers; Level 5-6 Jumpers combined; Level 7-8 Jumpers combined; Level 9 Jumpers; Grand Prix ($25,000+); AO Jumpers, all levels combined; Adult Jumpers, all levels combined; Junior Jumpers, all levels combined; Adult Jumpers, all levels combined; Children's Jumpers, all levels combined; 5 YO Young Jumpers;6 YO Young Jumpers; 7-8 YO Young Jumpers.

The AHHA also participates in the USEF ALL BREED AWARDS program. However, you must activate your horse for ALL BREEDS directly with USDF, not through AHHA. Those interested should contact the USEF directly for information and rules. Your horse must be declared as a Holsteiner with USDF (a copy of papers is required by USDF) and the owner of the horse must be a member of AHHA.

Owner Information

Please list owner information as completely as possible in the event that we need to contact you regarding this activation or with questions about results.


Activations paid prior to May 1, 2018, are $30.00.
Activations paid on May 1, 2018, or after are $40.00.

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